Video Marketing Your Business

Video Marketing Your Business

Video Marketing Your Business is the topic and we know you want to learn more. The use of video on the internet to bring in new potential customers and/or clients is worth your time. The video acts as a type of commercial and will be viewed much more than textual content. Videos also have a better chance of getting you found in search results.

Video marketing your business

What Kind of Videos Should I Use?

What kind of videos you use for marketing your business depends on what kind of business you have. Brick and mortar businesses can start with having a local drone photographer come out and video your business from the air. This is very cost-effective, normally under $200.

Here at Media Pillars, we utilize this type of video for a few reasons. First, it is a perfect way to show people exactly where you are and what your business looks like. 2nd these aerial videos can be used on your Google Business profile, the videos background data holds the coordinates to your location and gives creditability for location, thus helping you show up in local searches.

Other types of videos that work great are videos that talk about your products or services. If you have large companies as your supplier they probably provide access to professionally done marketing videos you can use.

Embed or Host My Videos?

When it comes to utilizing videos to generate traffic you have feasible options. You can start and use a YouTube account to embed your videos into your website or you can host your videos on your server. If you are using WordPress you can now easily host and display your videos as easy a picture. Hosting your video directly on your server/website is better for SEO than embedding but you need a good server for them to play smooth.

When we are marketing a client’s business we host the videos on the server, post them on Google Business, Social Media and YouTube. Creating a video for use takes a lot of time so we feel it’s best to utilize that resource in as many places as possible. Video Marketing Your Business should be at the top of your list of priorities because statistics show users are much more likely to watch a video than to read.

Video Marketing Your Business Conclusion

The bottom line is this, start or increase the use of video marketing as soon as possible. Video boosts your website rankings, brings great content that can be used to convert and it works better than all other content. Paid video advertising is also better at converting than any other kind of internet marketing.