Google Business Service Areas Update


Since the release of Google Business services areas, there has been a big change. The change in most cases won’t affect your business, but if you added over 20 service areas when it was first released you need to take immediate action.

20 Max Service Areas in Google Business


In the past, your Google Business was based on your physical location and had a radius around that address. Then Google released the ability to add service areas so your listing could be found outside your local area in areas that you offer your products or services.

The problem I think Google discovered is businesses were listings way too many service areas making it difficult for their algorithms to select the best option in results. This caused the service areas tool to be pretty obsolete generating almost no results for business service areas.

Their solution makes sense. Now you can only add 20 service areas to your Google Business profile. The issue I have discovered is that those who have over 20 service areas have still not received a notification telling them to go reduce the number of service areas on their Google Business page. The service area will be in red when you go there letting you know this needs to be addressed.

Getting Found Drop Until Fixed?

Since a huge percentage of the people who find you do so through Google Business having this issue addressed immediately is very important. Will getting found be hindered by not having this fixed? No one will confirm or deny it, but if it is in red, address it now. Simply put it is not worth the risk.

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