Warrensburg Bike Rally


We are delighted to announce that Media Pillars has teamed up with the Warrensburg Bike Rally for an exciting new website development project! The Warrensburg Bike Rally, a staple in the biking community, is known for its vibrant atmosphere, extensive vendor offerings, and scenic rides through the beautiful Adirondack region.

Having attended this fantastic event in the past, we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing its unique charm firsthand. We have also had a longstanding relationship with the organizer, which makes this collaboration even more special.

The Warrensburg Bike Rally attracts thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts each year, offering a wide array of vendors selling everything from bike accessories and apparel to food and memorabilia. The event is a celebration of biker culture, featuring live music, scenic rides, and a welcoming community spirit.

At Media Pillars, we are committed to creating a dynamic and user-friendly website that reflects the excitement and energy of the Warrensburg Bike Rally. Our goal is to provide an online platform that offers easy access to event information, vendor details, ride maps, and more.

Stay tuned for updates as we work to bring the Warrensburg Bike Rally’s new website to life. We look forward to continuing our support for this incredible event and seeing everyone at the next rally.

Capital New York Home Advantage


Meet Capital New York Home Advantage, your personalized mortgage partner! This client breaks free from cookie-cutter loan solutions, prioritizing customized strategies for every individual. Their deep understanding of the market and vast lender network ensures you secure the very best financing options available. Say goodbye to feeling like just a number – Capital New York Home Advantage helps you achieve your homeownership dreams with a personalized approach.

Tanner’s Outdoor Sports


We are thrilled to spotlight Tanners Outdoor Sports, the latest addition to our distinguished roster of website design and hosting clients at Media Pillars. Specializing in an array of outdoor sports equipment and essentials, Tanners Outdoor Sports is your go-to destination for everything from exhilarating snowmobile adventures and top-notch snowmobiling gear to the serene pleasures of fishing, camping, kayaking, and hiking. With a freshly designed website that mirrors the dynamic and adventurous spirit of their brand, we’ve created a digital platform that not only showcases their extensive product range but also enhances the customer experience with intuitive navigation and engaging content. Dive into the great outdoors with Tanners Outdoor Sports, where every visit equips you for your next adventure with the best in gear and necessities. Visit their new website to explore a world where the great outdoors meets exceptional quality and service.

Tru-X Landscaping


Tru-X Landscaping


Welcome to Tru-X Landscaping – A Legacy of Excellence Meets Modern Innovation

We are thrilled to unveil the new website for Tru-X Landscaping, our latest client at Media Pillars for the year 2024. This project holds a special place in our hearts as it represents not just a business partnership but a familial bond. Tru-X Landscaping is led by an innovative entrepreneur (Tyler), who is also the proud son of Frank Davis, the founder of Media Pillars. This connection infuses our collaboration with a unique blend of personal commitment and professional excellence.

Located in the heart of Mid-Michigan, Tru-X Landscaping is at the forefront of transforming outdoor spaces. Their expertise stretches across a wide range of services:

  • Lawn Care: Precision and care in every blade of grass, ensuring your lawn is lush, healthy, and immaculately maintained.
  • Landscaping: From conceptual design to execution, they create breathtaking landscapes that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Patios: Crafting beautiful and durable patios that become the heart of your outdoor living space.
  • Hardscaping: Expertise in adding non-living elements to your yard, such as walkways and retaining walls, blending functionality with style.
  • Power Washing: Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to rejuvenate exteriors, driveways, and more, restoring them to their original splendor.
  • Driveway Grading: Ensuring smooth, level driveways, perfect for both aesthetics and utility.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces: Creating cozy, inviting outdoor areas that are perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

As we launch their new website, we invite you to explore the blend of tradition and innovation that Tru-X Landscaping offers. Discover a world where every project is handled with a personal touch, backed by professional expertise and a commitment to excellence.

Visit Tru-X Landscaping’s New Website to start your journey towards transforming your outdoor space into a masterpiece.

Media Pillars: Where Family Values Meet Digital Innovation.

Resilient Support Services

NEW CLIENT 2023 Resilient Support Services

New Project Showcase: Resilient Support Services

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Resilient Support Services’ newly revamped website, a testament to our commitment to excellence in digital solutions. At Media Pillars, LLC, we understand the importance of a robust online presence in today’s digital landscape. Our collaboration with Resilient Support Services highlights our expertise in creating websites that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for peak performance.

Project Highlights:

  • Bespoke Design: Tailored to reflect Resilient Support Services’ brand identity, we crafted a website that resonates with their ethos and engages their target audience effectively.
  • SEO Optimization: Our team implemented cutting-edge SEO strategies to ensure the site ranks high on search engines, making it easily discoverable by their clients.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: With a focus on accessibility, we ensured that the website delivers a seamless experience across all devices, catering to a wider audience.
  • Enhanced User Experience: By optimizing navigation and site structure, we’ve created an intuitive user journey that encourages engagement and reduces bounce rates.
  • Content Strategy: Leveraging AI-driven insights, we developed compelling content that not only informs but also drives action, enhancing the site’s relevance and authority.
  • Technical Excellence: From load speed optimization to ensuring compliance with the latest web standards, every technical aspect was meticulously addressed.

This project stands as a beacon of our dedication to empowering businesses in the digital realm. We are proud to have partnered with Resilient Support Services and look forward to witnessing their growth and success.

Enduring Nutrition


A Legacy of Unyielding Commitment and Service

Kevin Conklin’s remarkable journey is a testament to a life dedicated to duty, selfless service, and an unwavering commitment to the well-being of others. With 23 years of distinguished Army service, including serving as a Senior Army Bomb Squad leader, Kevin has faced high-stakes situations that demanded unparalleled focus, dedication, and a profound sense of responsibility.

Transitioning to Wellness

Drawing from his unique military experience, Kevin has transitioned to the wellness field with a new mission: to share the invaluable lessons he’s learned and the transformative power of small, consistent actions that lead to heightened wellness and peak performance.

Your Trusted Guide

Kevin’s coaching approach is an evolution aimed at guiding you on a successful and enduring journey to personal wellness. He aims to be your trusted guide, offering:

  • Insights: Providing supportive coaching and accountability to help you overcome challenges.
  • Strategies: Creating customized plans tailored to your unique wellness goals.

Together, you’ll build a robust wellness foundation that sustains your active lifestyle and elevates your quality of life for years to come.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you’re an athlete, a professional, or someone committed to self-improvement, Kevin is here to elevate your journey to peak performance through his coaching services.

Credentials that Speak Volumes

Kevin Conklin’s expertise is backed by a range of certifications, including:

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Certification
  • Precision Nutrition Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Certification
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  • Brian Cain Peak Performance, Mental Performance Mastery Coach

Ready to Transform Your Life?

If you’re ready to transform your life and embark on a journey to lasting health and vitality, contact Kevin Conklin at Enduring Nutrition. Kevin looks forward to taking the first step with you towards becoming a healthier, more capable you.

Axiom Electrical Services


New electrician website client

Elevating Electrical Services Through Digital Excellence

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Axiom Electrical Services, LLC, a family-owned electrical service company that specializes in customer-direct small projects. With a focus on industrial, commercial, and residential alterations, Axiom Electrical Services has carved a niche for themselves by delivering quick, efficient, and high-quality electrical work. Their agile and dedicated 4 to 5-man crew is a testament to their commitment to excellence, making them a perfect fit for our portfolio at Media Pillars.

A Partnership Built on Shared Values

At Media Pillars, we pride ourselves on empowering businesses to reach their full digital potential. Partnering with Axiom Electrical Services was a natural fit, as both our companies value efficiency, dedication, and a customer-first approach. We are aligned in our belief that no job is too small or too big; it’s all about delivering exceptional service and results.

Comprehensive Digital Solutions

As part of our partnership, Media Pillars is taking the lead in developing a brand-new website for Axiom Electrical Services. But we’re not stopping there. We’re also optimizing their presence across various online platforms, including fine-tuning their pay-per-click ads on Google. Our goal is to enhance their digital footprint and drive more targeted traffic to their business, thereby increasing leads and customer engagement.

Why Axiom Electrical Services Stands Out

What sets Axiom Electrical Services apart is their unique approach to electrical services. While many larger firms chase high-value, expansive projects, Axiom has identified and capitalized on the need for swift and top-notch electrical services for smaller-scale projects. However, their capabilities are not limited to smaller tasks; they are fully equipped and more than willing to tackle larger electrical jobs as well.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future

We are incredibly proud to be partnered with a company that not only excels in their field but also shares our values and vision for the future. Together, we aim to light up the digital world, one project at a time.

Join us in celebrating this exciting new partnership and stay tuned for the incredible digital transformations we have in store for Axiom Electrical Services, LLC.

New York Paintless Dent


It was a day like any other, and we were out running errands in our Media Pillars Camaro. We parked the car and went about our business, only to return and find that someone had carelessly opened their door onto ours, leaving an unsightly dent right on a body line. Frustrated but determined to find a solution, we began our search for someone who could fix this blemish quickly and effectively.

That’s when we discovered Dwight from New York Paintless Dent. After reading glowing reviews and seeing impressive before-and-after photos, we decided to give him a call. Dwight arrived promptly, assessed the damage, and got to work. Within no time, he had skillfully repaired the dent, making our Camaro look as if nothing had ever happened. The speed, affordability, and sheer quality of his work left us in awe.

We were so impressed with Dwight’s service, professionalism, and reasonable pricing that we knew we had to bring him on board as a client. During our conversation, we learned that he didn’t have a website to showcase his incredible skills. Seeing an opportunity for a mutually beneficial partnership, we gladly offered to create a digital platform for him.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of New York Paintless Dent’s new website, designed and managed by Media Pillars. It’s not just a website; it’s a testament to the power of excellent service and the incredible opportunities that can arise from unexpected circumstances.

We’re proud to partner with Dwight and New York Paintless Dent, and we’re even prouder to have our Camaro back in its original, flawless condition. Here’s to new beginnings and impeccable dents—both the ones we fix and the partnerships they lead to.

Kelley’s Custom Carts


Kelleys Custom Carts - Queensbury, NY

We’re thrilled to announce Kelley’s Custom Carts as one of Media Pillars’ newest clients! Although new to our client roster, our relationship with the team goes way back. The founders, who previously worked for Five Star Golf Cars, have now ventured out on their own and are absolutely crushing it in the industry.

With years of experience and an unwavering commitment to customer service, Kelley’s Custom Carts has become a go-to destination for premium golf carts in Queensbury, NY. Their website, designed to offer a seamless user experience, showcases a wide range of customized, top-quality golf carts. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or someone who values a stylish, functional ride, Kelley’s Custom Carts has something for everyone.

Their SEO metrics are already impressive, with a well-optimized website that loads in under a second. However, there’s always room for improvement. We’re excited to work closely with them to fine-tune their online presence and take their business to the next level.

CBLB Transportation


🎉We are thrilled to announce our newest client, CBLB Transportation, a leading provider of non-emergency medical transportation.🚐

Known for their commitment to safety, punctuality, and excellent service, CBLB Transportation is there for their customers 24/7. Their dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure not only a secure journey but also a pleasant experience. 💼🕒

As part of our partnership, we’re excited to launch their new website! 🚀 Now it’s easier than ever to learn more about their services, get in touch, and even schedule transportation. All this, with just a few clicks.

Join us in celebrating this partnership! Visit the new website today and discover why CBLB Transportation is the reliable partner you can count on for non-emergency medical transportation.

Stay tuned for more updates as we help CBLB Transportation strengthen their online presence and continue to assist in maintaining their customers’ health. 🎊🥳

Saratoga Shine Time


Saratoga Shine Time is a woman-owned cleaning business that provides a range of top-quality residential and commercial cleaning services to clients in Saratoga Springs, New York. Their services include general cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, and real estate staging and cleaning. Saratoga Shine Time is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring that every client’s property is left in pristine condition. Media Pillars is proud to be working with this great new company which includes website development, hosting and consulting services.

MLB Construction


With over 70 years of experience in the industry, MLB Construction Services, LLC has established itself as one of the leading construction companies in the Capital Region. At Media Pillars, we take great pride in having the privilege of serving as their web hosting provider and providing ongoing support in areas such as design, content, and SEO. It is an honor to partner with a company that embodies excellence and professionalism in everything they do.

Smokin Bob-B-Que


Smokin Bob-B-Que is owned by a long time friend going back to my early teens. His brother, him and entire family took me in as a member of their family. We did everything together including fight, laugh, hike, hunt and so on. They fed me every day just about and their home became my second home. Bob back then might have shot me plenty of times with a bee bee gun, but now days he is a master BBQ chief and I am proud to take on his website development & SEO. I welcome you and encourage you to take a look at his website and LIKE his Facebook page where he regularly posts and goes LIVE to announce where he is and what is available that week. he also does BBQ catering for large events around the state of Michigan.

Adirondack Heat Pumps


Adirondack Heat Pumps is a veteran owned HVAC business located in Ticonderoga, NY. and specializes in Mitsubishi heating and cooling system installs, maintenance, repairs and more. Media Pillars has been tasked with managing their entire online presence. As a growing and trusted HVAC marketing company, we are looking forward to growing this incredible business that helps people save money and reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating their dependability on fossil fuels.

Adirondack Heat Pumps

All Heating & Air Conditioning


We are lucky to have gotten this great company as clients. Media Pillars will now be managing their website, SEO, Google Business, social media & PPC campaigns. We are so excited to be working with our first California company in HVAC. Our mission for them like all our clients is to make their phones ring, website convert traffic and their revenue to increase. Excellent and well organized strategies in every aspect of their online presence will make this happen. This company does the rest,  their obvious professionalism and put the customer first mentality as already gotten them hundreds of 5 star reviews on multiple platforms, so we know they’re the real deal hands down.



ChemCept is a local upstate New York business that specializes in chemical removal, training and management programs. We are proud to have developed their website and provide hosting, basic SEO and unlimited website changes.

chemcept website development client and hosting

Paint Masters TNC


Paint Masters TNC is a professional interior and exterior painting company. They also do garage coating, deck staining/coating as well as power washing. Media Pillars did a ground up website development project for them. We also created their Google Business account, Facebook page and other social platforms. We installed all the needed Analytics, Search console and 3rd party incoming software needed to create an ongoing flow of incoming leads.

5 star review for Paint Masters TNC website development

Jessie’s Puppies


Jessie’s Puppies is a quality dog breeder here in New York who specializes in the breeding of Maltese, Yorkshire, Morkie & Malshih puppies. Jessie takes her breeding seriously and all her puppies receive their first shots, a Vet check up and a microchip. Media Pillars developed her website, created her Google Business and social media profiles as well as linked her website to the AKC marketplace. We invite you to check out her website, use her services or contact her in regards to her experience working with Media Pillars Website & Design.

Miller’s Backyard BBQ


Miller’s Backyard BBQ is a new restaurant but the team is not new to BBQ. They have won 8 Grand Championships, 3 Reserve Grand Championships, 6th place ribs at American Royal World Championship, 7th place chicken at American Royal World Championship. They are located in Cohoes, NY and we invite you to check out their website and their food. We developed their website and also host it with unlimited edits and changes throughout the life of their time having us host their website. We have also optimized their social media, Google Business and website for maximum exposure.

Knapp Insurance Agency


Knapp Insurance Agency is a local insurance agency located in Mechanicville, NY. We were happy to work with such friendly people in developing their new website. We also host, and maintain their new website giving them unlimited changes, edits, and additions at no extra charge.

Millennium Children Home Care


Millennium Children Home Care is dedicated to Providing the Best Pediatric In-Home Health Care. We provide skilled nursing RN and LPN services. Also we offer nutrition counseling. Media Pillars developed their website, hosts it, does unlimited edits, changes and additions for no extra charge and as set up all their other media pillars such as Google Business and social media accounts. Full reporting and basic SEO services are also included in what they are receiving.


H2O Solutions


H2O Solutions is located in Malta, NY and specializes in all water treatment type services and equipment for residential and commercial. They offer free water testing, then based on the results give your the suggested solutions for your specific location and water. Media Pillars provides them with all full online presence management package which dramatically increases their incoming leads, revenue and customer support capabilities.

Crosstown Glass & Aluminum


Crosstown Glass & Aluminum is a new client that hired us to design their website and also host it. We provide them with unlimited edits, changes and website additions as well as their security and software updates as needed.

Media Pillars is Your Marketing Department – Clients & Reviews

When Media Pillars starts communicating with you to develop an ongoing internet presence strategy we start from the ground up.

We start by meeting with you either in person or via video chat to determine your current status and what your goals are moving forward.

We research your presence online, your competitors and your target market. We then develop a plan based on what you have in place to start increasing your revenue. Every business is different so cookie cutter solutions are just not an option.

Foundations for Your Media Pillars

Full online presence client

allegheny review
Allegheny Valley Transfer Company is a moving company in Pittsburgh, PA. Media Pillars manages their entire online presence including its business email management.

BodyWork Professionals has 3 locations in Upstate New York and provides a variety of massage services. Media Pillars handles their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and provides consultations regarding other aspects of their website to help increase conversions.

BodyWork Professionals SEO Work and Review

BodyWork Professionals Owner Review Snippet

Superior Co-Op HVAC specializes in new technologies for heating & cooling. Veteran-owned and one of Media Pillar’s most engaged businesses when it comes to their marketing. Media Pillars provides management of their entire online presence and marketing.

Superior Co-Op HVAC Website Screen Shot

Owner Review

Superior Co-Op HVAC Owner Review Snippet

Owners Reviews

Larry Kelley Five Star Golf Cars Google Review Snippet

Steve Rand Five Star Golf Cars Owner Google Review

Tony Mangino Mitsubishi is a Clifton Park, New York car dealership. Well known for their 5 star customer service and overall care for their customers. Tony Mangino has hired Media Pillars to manage their social media online presence. With regular social media and Google Business posts we are constantly ensuring that Tony’s social media mirrors his other marketing messages.

Tony Mangino Mitsubishi Website Snippet

Owner Google Review

Tony Mangino Google Review

Walters Law Group is a law firm that specializes in first amendment law. Media Pillars does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other minor site optimizations for them. Media Pillars also uses their services. Walters Law Group has set up our LLC among handling many other legal aspects of our business over the past 10 years.

Walters Law Group Website Screen Shot

Owner Google Client Review

Lawrence Walters Google Review Snippet

Northway Golf Center is located in Clifton Park, New York and offers a driving range, TOPTRACER technology and a variety of other services and products to the golfing community to include lessons, club repair and an online store. Media Pillars manages their website, hosting, basic SEO and their social media platforms. We also manage their business email accounts and services which include all the tools and features of the new Google Workspace. The staff do all the inputting of products.

Northway Golf Center website screen shot

Northway Golf Center Google Client Review

Northway Golf Center Google Review for Media Pillars

K.R.W. Electric Vehicle and Cart Sales is located in Pocomoke City, MD, and offers a variety of new and used golf cars. They have been in business for many years and are the receipts of nearly 100% five-star Google reviews. Media Pillars provides their entire online presence management resulting in significant boosts in online requests allowing their sales staff to increase sales over the last couple of years.

Learn more about our Golf Cart Dealer Services

KRW Electric Vehicles and Cart Sales Website Screen Shot

Owner Google Client Review

Goolge Review for Media Pillars

Jody Fuller is a comedian, writer, and soldier. Media Pillar’s founder met Jody while at a military school and after hearing his comedic talent and discovering how much time and effort Jody donates to good causes offered to host and manage his website for free. We are PROUD to be a very small part of what Jody is doing.

Jody Fuller Comedian Website Screen Shot

Jody’s Client Review on Google

Jody Fuller Google Review for Media Pillars

The Law Office of Kyran D. Nigro hired Media Pillars to develop their website, host, and do ongoing SEO services. Kyran is a great guy and a very experienced lawyer with nearly 30 years of experience with services available in and around Saratoga Springs NY.

The Law Office of Kyran D. Nigro website screen shot

Kyran’s Google Client Review

Google review from Kyran Nigro

The Kinney Agency, Inc hired Media Pillars to develop, manage and host their website as well as manage their email specifications that are direct to a third party email company. They have two locations, one in Hudson Falls, NY & the other in Galway, NY. Some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Honest, hardworking, and devoted to their staff and customers.

Kinney Insurance galway and Hudson Falls NY

Owner Google Client Review

Kinney Insurance owner review for media pillars

Bentley Seeds is a 3 generation old American company based out of Cambridge, NY. They supply a large variety of seed products throughout the United States. Media Pillars manages their automated email campaigns, SEO, social media management, and inbound marketing strategies.

Bentley Seeds

Patriot Drones based in Pinconning, MI is the answer for all your aerial photography and videography needs. We did the web development and are continuing with hosting and SEO services.

Patriot drones screenshot

The King of Credit is a used car dealership located in Clifton Park, NY, and specializes in getting people approved for credit to buy one of their very high-quality used vehicles. Owned by Tony Mangino and like his other dealership proving to be a very helpful operation for those who need assistance in getting approved for credit. Media Pillars has been hired to manage their social media presence online.

The King of Credit Car Dealership website screen shot

Pure North Golf Cars are located in Northern Michigan and hired Media Pillars to develop its website. Great people who are devoted to providing the absolute best service in the sales, rental, repair, or customization of E-Z-GO and Cushman golf cars & utility vehicles.

Learn more about our Golf Cart Dealer Services

Pure North Golf Cars website screen shot

Apollo Moving & Storage is a moving company in Pennsylvania and hired Media Pillars for their entire online presence and business email management.  They are owned by the same person as Allegheny Valley Transfer Company who hired us for that business, then they were so happy with the results there, they hired us for Apollo as well. Both companies are great and have some of the best people you’d ever be lucky enough to meet.

Apollo Moving and Storage website screen shot

Cugino’s Pizzeria hired Media Pillars to develop their website and we continue to provide them with their website hosting and website management. Owned by Big Lou, this place is simply incredible. We have never seen a pizza place owner care more about his customers than Lou does. Many people go there for the food, but also to visit what they consider a good friend, Lou.

Cuginos Pizzeria website screen shot

Rit Fonda Heating & Cooling is located in Ballston Lake, NY, and is another great veteran-owned business that hired Media Pillars for its website and online presence. We continue to provide website hosting, management, and social media management for this great company.

Rit Fonda Heating & Cooling website screen shot

Timberline Printing – Signs – Banners – Vehicle Lettering is a company based of Saratoga Springs, NY and hired Media Pillars to develop and host their website.

Timberline website screen shot

Marble Stands by Finewoods is a start-up company that specializes in hand-crafted wooden stands for display items like marble, baseballs, and/or golf balls to name a few. Owned by a great and hard-working guy who is dead set on providing quality products at a fair price. Media Pillars was hired to develop and host their website.

Marble Stands by Finewoods website screen shot

Client review

What to expect!

  1. You contact us & we set up a video chat meeting or email exchange to determine your needs, goals and status que.
  2. Media Pillars does a full audit of your online presence to determine the perfect strategy to meet your goals.
  3. We submit a detailed proposal of the strategy we suggest for your success.
  4. Upon acceptance of the proposal we will meet again via video chat to confirm, discuss and tweak the strategy.
  5. You will receive your invoice for payment and a checklist of items we will need to get started.
  6. Upon receipt of checklist items, Media Pillars will begin to implement the agreed upon strategy items.
  7. Baseline reports will be sent to you so we all know exactly where we are starting.
  8. Notifications of strategy items completion will be sent via email along with ongoing reports to show progress performance.
  9. Constant communication in regards to rising keyword rankings, traffic and conversions.
  10. As concerns or questions arise you will have 24/7 access to call, email or video chat to discuss concerns.

New Shopify Client Results After 43 Days with Media Pillars

Also, $1000+ reduction in AdWords expenses!

Increased revenue on shopify client

We Do Not Take Your Competition as Clients

Here at Media Pillars we believe that working for you means, not working for your competition. After all, how can we get you to the top of search engines and search results if we are doing the same thing for your competition? Instead, we target your competition and their efforts in order to beat them in getting found.

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Key Points to Remember:

  1. No contracts
  2. High ROI
  3. We answer the phone
  4. Fast edits/changes
  5. Data driven
  6. Transparency
  7. Daily monitoring
  8. Your competition can not hire us
  9. Whatever it takes moto
  10. Personal 24/7 support

No Contracts Just Results

We rely on our results instead of a contract for our long term relationship!

Google Business Stats & Reports

Client Google Business Statistics

Monitor and Use Data for Determining Focused Keywords

Google Analytics Reports

Comparison Reports from Google Analytics to Show Year to Year, Month to Month and Week to Week Growth

Google Analytics Comparison Reports

Use Demographics to Identify Exact Target Market Based on Statistics

Demographic Reports

Great Lakes Helicopter Inc.


Great Lakes Helicopter Inc. is a helicopter refurbishment company located in Michigan. We recently re-designed their website and also provide them with hosting, editing and unlimited content additions.

Every aspect of your online presence is evaluated and implemented for future increases. The following is optimized or created to work hand in hand with your website to increase revenue.

  1. Google Business
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Search Console
  4. Paid Advertising
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  6. Social Media Activity
  7. Social Media Engagement
  8. Social Media Advertising
  9. Website Inbound Conversions
  10. Ease in Getting Found

11. Website Speed
12. Website Responsive Capability
13. Online Reviews
14. Digital Customer Data Management
15. Automated Email Marketing
16. Advanced Reporting for ALL Areas
17. Landing Pages
18. Localized SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
19. Business Listings Presence Accuracy
20. In Depth Customer Journey Evaluation

Media Pillars