Content Creation - Photos, Videos, Graphics & Text

Content creation is important. You must capture the viewer’s attention instantly. Amazing and ongoing updated videos, photos, and text that properly represent your business are key. Many of our clients tell us how they never had time to take photos or videos of their business, products or services being accomplished, so their so excited to see us doing it for them.


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What is content creation?

Content creation is the creation of photos, videos, graphics & text that are used on your website, social media and Google Business to generate traffic.

How do I create content for my website & social media platforms?

Businesses should take photos and videos regularly for use on their website, social media platforms and Google Business.

Do I need expensive equipment to create content?

No, a cell phone with location turned on embeds the coordinates of the image which helps localized SEO when posted.

Content CreationWe do what many other agencies do not, we come to you with our equipment and capture the photos & videos needed to create some great content. We then use that content on your website, social media, and Google Business. Fun fact, did you know that when you take a photo with your cell phone and have a location on it, it captures the coordinates of that image and it helps in local SEO? This is just one of the little tricks that most people do not know about, including your competitors. It is our job to make you stand out and doing that in search results and getting you into the local 3 pack is so important. Contact us for information about our services.


Think about your social media use and what your think when you see a new website. What makes you stay just a little longer? Something captures your attention and you scroll a little bit more. Or click on something. This is the goal when your taking photos & videos for use online. Believe it or not, your customers or clients want to see regularly shared photos and/or videos of what you are up to. It shows them you are an involved business owner who is proud to share their work, products, or services publicly.