What Seasonal Businesses Need to Know

What Seasonal Businesses Need to Know

What seasonal businesses need to know when it comes to properly marketing their business all year long. We know in the past you have shut the doors or limited your hours during your offseason. Spending no or little resources on marketing. That theory has always made sense, we get it. But these days spending time, resources and effort on your internet presence can double or even triple your annual revenue.

Online Presence & Activity During the Offseason?

During your busy season, there is limited time for working on your online presence. Your offseason should start a whole new type of busy season, which is building your brand, presence and domain reputation online. This is a time you can concentrate on tweaking your website, writing blog posts, creating content for your website and social media as well as growing your followers and customer database.

Things like search engine optimization can be worked on which dramatically increase your reach when the busy season hits. Use the data from your busy season to determine what people search in order to find you, then build on those keywords so they’re even stronger. A website and social media accounts that sit without activity for months will hurt your ability to reach your audience when your season starts.

No One is Thinking About My Services or Products Why Spend Resources on Reaching People?

It is like a friend or family member who only calls when they need something! Year around contact and communication keeps your online presence relevant to search engines and it shows customers you are not only contacting them when you want a sale. This time of year is good for asking for reviews from past customers. Your offseason is the time to build your rapport.

Post entertaining or educational content on your website and social media. You can also create contests, host live video feeds and/or offer incentives for customer feedback or interviews.

Spending Money on Advertising During the Offseason

We are NOT saying spend money on advertising. That budget should be saved for right before your season starts. Your offseason is 100% branding, growing followers, building rapport and offering entertainment or beneficial information. When your online presence stays active all year long it is 10 times easier to rank in search engine once your season starts. If you have an internet marketing employee or agency then your offseason is when they need to be very busy. Have them use data from analytics to identify keywords and pages that are performing the best. Now have them make additional pages and social media posts focused on those keywords and pages. Google Busines posts, make sure during your offseason there are posts every other day.

Activities for Offseason

  • Google Business Optimization & Posts
  • Social Media Optimization & Posts
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation (Pictures & Videos)
  • Social Media Engagement with Other Profiles
  • Website Optimization (Make clean, fast and easy to navigate)
  • Data Analysis
  • Build your brand
  • Stay engaged all year long