Why a dedicated IP for your website is important for SEO


Is a Dedicated IP Important for SEO?

The short answer is yes! There are so many conflicting articles on this but I will explain my experiences with doing on SEO on sites with and without a dedicated IP. The statistical results always outway the opinions of others when it comes to SEO results. Put weight into results-driven data and you can not go wrong.

It’s not “having a dedicated IP” that makes SEO work better. It is the effects of the dedicated IP that bring positive SEO results. Here are some effects on your website that a dedicated IP provides and how those changes help the SEO of your website.

The Effects on Your Website from Having a Dedicated IP

  1. Website loads faster which allow search engines to crawl more pages
  2. Faster loading is a positive aspect to SEO in general
  3. Not sharing an IP with other sites that may have negative aspects of their website hurting SEO like security

Dedicated IPs are Worth It

There is really no reason to go into all kinds of scenarios and data, it costs a few bucks to get a dedicated IP. Get one then test the SEO results against your historic performance after 3 months and the answer will become clear.

Do not get me wrong there are a lot of other things tied to a successful SEO strategy that must also be taken into account and prioritized, but just make sure that a dedicated IP is on your list.