Finding a Local Internet Strategist

Finding a Local Internet Strategist

Finding a Local Internet Strategist can be difficult because most of the best ones work for a company and are trying to sell you something. What exactly is an Internet Strategist anyway? An Internet Strategist is someone who has the skills and knowledge to research your businesses online presence. We always enjoy the opportunity to take a look at your business and how it’s being found and viewed online. Reviews, local listings and your websites over all quality play a huge role in how people find your business. Most people don’t realize that things not visible greatly effect your presence online. They have huge positive or negative results on your business.

Overwhelmed Business Owners Mostly Need Some Easy Tips

We’ve discovered time and time again that just a few easy and fast adjustments to your website and business listings can greatly improve your rankings in search engines like Google. Media Pillars focuses on all the pillars online that hold up or hold down your business. We evaluate all the little things that are impacting your online presence. Many business owners ask themselves how do we Finding a Local Internet Strategist that’s not going to rip us off? Most business owners meet with an Internet Strategist and are completely lost. They sound like they know what their talking about so they sign with them. In most cases not knowing anything about what the heck their going to do for them. The problem with this is, how do you know you’re getting what your paying for? You go to Google search some things and see if you show up.

Holding Your Statistics Hostage

Having someone work on your website and online presence is different than hiring someone to build a deck. You hire someone to build a deck you tell them what you want, they build it. It’s very clear if they’ve done what you paid them to do. If not positive what they’re doing you can’t tell if they’ve accomplished anything at all? Statistics don’t lie. Always assure you have Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools installed on your website. Always insist that your added to those accounts so you can login and view your statistics. Many companies have you ask for a report when you want it. The statistics are what prove their worth insist full access. These are just a few tips and tricks to help business owners out. That’s what Media Pillars mission is. to help local businesses. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


What Do Your Analytic Reports Mean?

Your analytic reports from your website, social and Google Business have all the information you need, but do you know what to look for?

A Media Pillars strategist can review your reports and translate them into understandable information. This information makes clear what actions need to be taken to increase your online presence. It also helps in determining what calls to actions are working and which ones are not.

Do It Yourself Optimization & SEO

If you want to learn the basics of optimization and SEO then a strategist would be a great option. We can do it all for you or teach you or an employee the ongoing steps for success.

There are multiple levels of things to do but normally getting the basics done correctly has positive the largest immediate results.

In just a couple hours a tech savvy person could go right to work on optimizing and implementing best practices for SEO. Consider buying a live video chat consultation for a 2 hour basics to optimization and SEO for your business.