The Foundations of Your Online Presence

How to build your online presence

Online Tools for Businesses

A business has a number of tools available to use in an effort to get found online. Print advertising, radio, and television are just not an option and the return on your investment is low. That is the reason successful businesses are turning to the internet to generate more leads and/or customers. Listed here is the tools available to you as a business owner for getting found online. Your online presence will dictate your businesses success in growth. Some longtime businesses with established customers are doing well, but if they are not putting effort into their online presence their business is not reaching its full potential. This may or may not be important to you.

Why a Business Would Not Build Their Online Presence

Recently we were speaking with a dentist. He had been in business for 30 years. He was slowing down, he did not want to grow. He wanted to start having more time with his family. He had established himself so long and worked so hard, it was time to enjoy life. This is a perfect example of a business who was not interested in reaching their full potential. His years of seeking and working towards building an empire had already passed and he was now focusing on all the things and parts of life he had sacrificed before.

Foundations for Online Presence

The point here is not everyone wants to grow their business. Not everyone is out to build an empire. But for those who are, utilizing these tools to build your online presence is essential and your goals cannot happen without them. It is simple, your business will never be all it can be without a good online presence. Let’s get started, the list below identifies everything you must be putting effort into for a good online presence. In order of priority. These are the foundation of your online presence.

  • Business website
  • Google Business claimed and used regularly
  • Facebook page
  • Reviews for people to read on Google & others but Google is the priority
  • Present on local business listing websites
  • Regular updates, changes, and posts to all the above