Digital Media Pillars for Your Business

Finding and using digital media pillars for your business in 2017 is more important than ever. You should be fighting to keep your share of the market and making it grow. In 2017 there are almost to many media pillars to pick from to grow your business. Don’t allow the changes and advancements in technology scare you off. Many people put it off because they just don’t know where to start, don’t make that mistake. Every day you fail to educate yourself on how to utilize the digital world to grow your business someone else uses it to take some of your customers away from you.

Now, we’re not going to educate you in every possible media pillar in this article but we are going to stress the importance of exploring and learning what some of those are and encourage you to spend just a little time educating yourself on them. It seems like every few months there’s new amazing tools to utilize in growing your business online. Many of these pillars are free but take some time to learn. Not weeks or months, usually in a couple hours you can learn and start using these new available technologies once you know they exist. A good example of this is live streaming video on Facebook. When you grow your Facebook business page and have followers you have an instant captive audience to go live to. Maybe you install water purification system, stream live an installation, people will watch it. Do you own an auto repair shop? Live stream how to change a tire or change someone’s oil. Live streaming to your audience allows you to build and develop a relationship with them resulting in more business.

How Do I Discover Media Pillars to Use?

Not even sure where to start? Depending on what digital tools your already using the answer to this question is different for everyone but where going to give you a list of a few places you’ll want to start. Some of you might already utilize some of these but this list is given with an expectation this is the first time you’ve ever looked into what tools you should be using online to grow your business.

These are a few of the most important online areas of focus for business owners. Just these few things alone can greatly enhance your online presence and grow your business considerably. Realize this, your not going to fix, address or be done with your online presence efforts ever! Its one of those things you put a little effort into everyday for a few minutes. Over time you start filling those gaps and growing your online presence. It’s the single most important thing you can do every day that will result in stability and ongoing growth over time for your business.

If you want to minimize that learning curve time, hire us to come for a day and do some consulting and training that will save you time and money as well as help you focus on key things you need to put effort into. Having a plan determined by your goals will help you achieve that goal much faster, we can help develop that plan.