Your Business Reviews

Your business reviews have never been more important. I’m sure you’ve thought of it and how to hunt down where those reviews might be. Then after a few minutes of looking you realize it would take you all day or more to find them all and figure out how to reply to them. Fact is, your potential customers are taking the time to find those reviews, read them and consider them before giving you their business so addressing these review are important. Not only is it important to find the reviews out there and respond to them, but generating good reviews is even more important. It’s easier than you may think to get authentic good reviews from your satisfied customers.

As you may know people who have something bad to say are always going to find a place to post their negative reviews. Happy customers are just happy and may tell their friends about you. Generating online reviews from these happy customers is your job. Motivating them to do so will greatly impact your business in a positive way so let’s get into how we can do that. Sure you can ask all your friends and family to give you a review. Let’s see do you have them do it on Google, Yelp or some other review site. Maybe they should put reviews on your social media pages? Overwhelmed yet?

Google Gives Creditability to First Party Reviews

Google has recently implemented first party reviews! I know, what the heck are those? First party reviews are reviews that people leave for your business directly on your website. Then you could just delete the bad ones right? Not so, Yext, who we use to power our business listings management and reviews has worked out a way their reviews system can be embedded into your website and all reviews go through a process to authenticate them like on any other review site. But now you can easily text or email invites to your customers with your company logo asking for a review. Once given the review goes into a hold status until you have a chance to respond and publish it.

If it’s a bad review you think is not justified you can request it to be deleted. If the bad review proves to be authentic it will publish and go live. Because this system is genuine and is not controlled by you the business owner it’s looked at as creditable by search engines like Google.

Asking yourself what’s the benefits? Well not only can you easily generate reviews in large numbers unlike your competition, when you receive an average review of 4 stars or more then you receive a huge boost from Google and those stars will even show up in search results in some cases depending on what search term retrieved your website in the search results.

Media Pillars Reviews Solution

Media Pillars builds an online profile which then populates the 70 most popular business profiles. Google, Facebook, Yelp and Bing are just a few of these. These business profiles will be the same across the internet. Making your branding consistent everywhere is important. These also generate traffic to your website, give people directions to your front door and offer a call icon for them to click to call. We’ll set up a first party reviews page on your website that’s integrated into all those listings as well. Since key words on your website and review page are super important we’ll give suggestion and change those upon approval to increase your SEO traffic. Doing these key things get you more traffic from all those sites but also increase your quality score online allowing for much more organic traffic and cheaper paid advertising on Google when done correctly.

We’re glad to sit down with you and explain this more or just go to work on it. We understand this kind of thing is not common knowledge so we’re always happy to explain how things work and give you full transparency into all your statistics and analytics. Give Frank a call or send a message to us here on the website letting us know when you’d like us to call you back. (518) 703-5834