What People See When They Search for Reviews on Your Business

What People See When They Search for Reviews on Your Business

Below I’ve attached a screen shot of what people see when they Google my business. “Media Pillars Reviews” displays the following.

Now let’s get into what you’re looking at. As you can see in the search box I simply put what people use when looking for reviews. My business name plus the word reviews. As you can see due to what Media Pillars is able to do, our website comes up first along with the title “Reviews.” Within that search results window it also shows stars and the number of reviews. This is first page, first result. Usually other review sites come up bringing your potential customer to another website other than yours. Not what we want to happen at all.

How Google Displays Your Review Results

In the right panel you can see Google shows our Google business page along with Google reviews, contact info, website link as well as our first party reviews that are received directly on our website. This isn’t as easy has posting reviews people have left on a page mind you. There is a very systematic way we can set your website up to receive reviews directly and Google views them as creditable reviews, that’s why they’ll display them like this. Also your Facebook reviews show up.

I’d challenge you to type into Google your business name followed by “reviews” now and see what people see when they look for reviews on your business. If the outcome is not what you want and you like how we’ve managed to get our business to be displayed, give us a call or use the contact us form here on the website. We’d love to assist you in getting the same results we have when people Google your reviews.

If your business is not performing just like this within 6 months we’ll return your money, that’s how for sure we are in our ability to do this for you and your business.

Call Frank now at 518-703-5834 for more information on how to get started. The little things that take a little time are the ones that make the biggest difference, this is one of those things.