Why PPC (Pay Per Click) is a Waste of Money

Why PPC (Pay Per Click) is a Waste of Money

Why PPC (Pay Per Click) is a Waste of Money is a pretty strong statement I agree. The facts are that almost all people are looking for what you see above when looking for something on Google. If it doesn’t come up like this we know it’s questionable or rather not as good as if it did show up like this. Still millions of businesses are wasting their money every month paying for clicks on Google and other search engines.

PPC is like renting a car, you have to keep paying instead of owning. Many times I come across business owners spending enormous amounts of money on PPC to a website that’s not even mobile friendly. They scream that their not getting anything from their PPC campaign, well that’s because your website sucks. You can have a thousands people test drive the car your selling, but if it sticks, the engine sounds like crap and the tires are bald, no one is going to buy it.

SEO vs. Pay Per Click

Spending time and effort on your websites SEO secures and stabilizes your incoming traffic. Steady and free is the idea. SEO is a little at a time type of thing. It’s constant tweaking according to changes in search engine practices. The traffic you get when being displayed properly and high in search results is 10 times better than any paid traffic you’ll ever receive. People now days know that high ranking websites are there for a reason. It shows that you have reviews, your engaged in social media and you take your business seriously. There’s a lot of things that have to be right to show up high in search results and the businesses that take that effort usually are great businesses to give your money to. Their more likely to have quality products and services. Customer support is usually much better and past customers are obviously leaving good reviews and comments online about them.

Bottom line is simple. Start putting time and effort into your businesses social signature, get reviews, comments and engage with those who do. Those things along with some very simple on and off site SEO efforts and you’ll enjoy very high quality website visitors for a fraction of the cost of PPC. Stop wasting money. There’s also many new ways to advertise while building your SEO to include local business directory sites, APPS and social media marketing. Want to know more? Contact us today!

There is specific times when PPC is useful, but knowing when and how to configure them makes all the difference.