Discover Opportunities

Learn about the client’s business, website, and competitors to provide a clear strategy for achieving your goals. Research the entire online presence to establish a baseline to compare results against later.

Trending keyword reports tell us what people are searching for in your market. Compare trending search terms and competitors’ ranked keywords against your ranking keywords to identify areas of opportunity.

Local search SEO vs global or Country SEO Strategy Based on what opportunities we discover we develop an exclusive plan specific to your company and goals. Integrate keywords identified into content, titles, and page descriptions. Use focused textual links to pages with the use of focused keywords. Ensure social media pages, posts and tags match the focused target market and what they search for so they match website-focused keywords.

Develop a plan for content creation to be used on social media and websites. Ensure all Google best practices are followed to the letter Educate and explain in depth to the client the strategy and timeline of expected results so expectations are clear.

On-site Optimization

The content you see and do not see has a big impact on the success of that page’s SEO reach. Page titles, paragraph content, and media Menu linking & onsite internal links Page load speeds Page descriptions and keyword density Analysis and Reporting Constant evaluation of website performance.

Media Pillars