Media Pillars at Albany-Saratoga Raceway

Albany-Saratoga Raceway

Last night we had a blast capturing content for a client who sponsors a couple race cars. Tony Mangino Mitsubishi – Tony Mangino Mitsubishi is not only a great guy but a supporter within the community. These guys have been racing for decades and they all were super nice to us by welcoming us into their racing world back in the pits. They finished pretty good too in the feature. 7th & 8th place. Here is a little video from the content we captured from our night at the races. Albany-Saratoga SpeedwayDirt Track Digest also met up with us for a little interview to see how the girls who had never witnessed any kind of racing liked it. So, we will be looking for that article to come out in the coming days. Our work in building our company Media Pillars has really gotten exciting. Meeting all kinds of new people in the area is not only really interesting, but exciting as well.