Web Design Albany NY

Web Design Albany NY! Do you own a small business in Albany, NY?  Do you need a website for said business? We all know Web Design can be a costly investment. Especially when after your website is complete you’ll likely never even speak to the company that made it again. Which becomes a problem as time goes on.  There is constant maintenance that needs to be addressed. While most things wont impact how your website runs by themselves when they build up it can cause some real issues.

Our Approach

Here at Media Pillars we do Web Design differently.  We build your website for a upfront fee (drastically reduced price compared to competitors). We also host, maintain and make any changes you want at any time for an additional monthly fee.  Web Design is very personal.  After all, you want your site to look and act the way you want. Our mission is to make sure you are satisfied with every aspect of your website! We will show you our progress along the whole way so you can help us to make your website fit your wants and needs. We also will help you with setting up your Google Analytics profile. Google Analytics will show you the websites traffic, where the traffic came from,  bounce rate and much more. These reports give you important information on how your website is performing and what could be done to improve it.


Media Pillars