About email notifications for your manager account

You’ll receive email notifications when there’s critical information you should see about your manager account. But you can also choose to receive other types of notifications by email.

This article shows you how to manage the email notifications you receive for your manager account as well as for your client accounts. Keep in mind that each user on a manager account can set their own notification preferences.

Email notifications for manager accounts

You can opt in to email notifications when you create your manager account, but you can change your preferences at any time. These are the types of emails you can choose to receive:

  • Newsletters
  • Google market research
  • Customized help and performance suggestions
  • Reports
  • Special offers
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Email notifications for client accounts

These are the types of emails you can choose to receive about your client accounts:

  • Disapproved ads and policy alerts
  • Campaign maintenance
  • Customized help and performance suggestions
  • Newsletters

For the first two, “Disapproved ads and policy alerts” and “Campaign maintenance,” you can choose to receive, all, only critical, or no emails. However, note that if the client account has no other users receiving critical email notifications for the account, you’ll automatically receive these critical emails on behalf of the client account.

For the last two, “Customized help and performance suggestions” and “Newsletters,” you can choose to receive either all or no emails.

About notifications in manager accounts

Notifications in your manager account help you stay on top of important issues that may affect both your manager account and your client accounts.

Your “Notifications” page, which you can find in the side navigation from any page in your manager account, displays notifications for all the manager accounts you manage and client accounts linked directly and indirectly to your manager account. Here are the different types of notifications for manager accounts:

  • Payment alerts (including for declined and expiring credit and debit cards)
  • Keyword and Creative alerts (including for underperforming keywords and disapproved ads)
  • Campaign alerts (including for campaigns ending or ended)
  • Budget alerts (including for account budgets running low or running out and account budgets ending)
  • Account alerts (including inactive accounts due to incomplete account information)
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