Frank Davis – Founder

Frank Davis is the founder of Media Pillars and is retired from the military. During his time in the military his hobby was website design and internet marketing. He attended college for logistics, computer programing, computer micros-systems, website design and internet marketing with BA in internet marketing from Full Sail University.

After retirement Frank launched Media Pillars and starting taking on clients in 2017. He had several clients already that he worked with while he was still in the military, most of which continue to be long term clients to this day.

His hobbies include hiking, traveling and spending time with friends and family. At random times of the year he reverts back to his original love for art. Pencil, oil paint and other mediums of art are his first love. This passion for art is critical in development of website and marketing content where understanding how a person reacts to what they see is critical in creating an emotional reaction needed for online conversions.


Phone: 518-682-6132 / 989-488-6137

Kevin David Arias – Website Development

I am a person who likes to read a bit of philosophy or books of interest. I also like to spend time on the computer, either researching things of interest or playing games, and I also like to ride a bike when I have the opportunity.

I also like to meditate at night to be able to relax, open my mind and release stress. If something interests me, I will investigate until I can satisfy my need for curiosity.

Study and Education

I studied at an institution which is the National Apprenticeship Service (SENA) which focuses on professional learning to work.

My education is a Technologist in Analysis and development of information systems which, before entering, I investigated it and it attracted my attention. Computers and computer science are going to start a labor revolution, so I thought it would bring opportunities.

I developed my practices in Colombia outsourcing solution Bogota (Montechelo), which I held the position of web designer.

I worked with email marketing, HTML5 AND CSS3. I also participated in the design of some websites for Colsubsidio. Our team designed the visualization of a complex database system.