Web Designers in Saratoga Springs, NY. Finding Web Designers in Saratoga Springs, NY. are easy to find and there’s a bunch of them. Media Pillars is included in that bunch of web designers in Saratoga Springs too. Most of the web design companies here in Saratoga have been around for awhile for sure. We invite you to visit their websites, that always the best way to see how they design. If their website which is the corner stone of their business is not impressive, the one they do for you probably won’t be either. That being said, if you are impressed then they probably would do a great job for you as well. Media Pillars – Different Than Other Saratoga Springs Web Designers Here at Media Pillars we do things a bit different than the traditional webs design company. We care about your over all business and take the time to look at your historic website data before we start. We need to know what key words and traffic sources have been working. This way we don’t mess up the aspect that is good. We then focus on the key words and phrases you want to target. Since we have consulted hundreds of businesses on their online presence we know within certain niches what works and what doesn’t. We also know what your competition is doing. If we don’t know we’ll take the time to research it before building your website, this way we can build the site around the most effective SEO strategy. It can always be changed later. Having a key target market in mind when we build every page allows us to be very focused on what we’re building towards. A bunch of pages that look great but don’t work together to generate traffic is a waste of time and money. If no one sees the website, how can it generate money? Well it can’t. Hear a Different Approach? Call 3 web designers in Saratoga Springs for quotes and include Media Pillars in on that. I think you’ll find that our approach from the start is much different than others including price. The days of spending thousands of dollars for a website are over. The problems of those days are what happens when it gets hacked or crashes? You have to call your designer up and pay again to get it fixed right? When you hire Media Pillars, we build and mange your website constantly. We include constant SEO efforts and we never charge extra for your website changes, fixes or maintenance. Why do we do that? We only charge $500.00 up front for your website. We build, host and maintain it for $75.00 a month because we know a few things. You’re going to need us to change things, fix things and even re-design in the future. When your site goes in maintained for years a lot more goes wrong than you think then you end up paying a ton to fix it or get it all updated. We update and maintain it along the way. For $75.00 a month you’ll never worry about your site getting hacked, going down or a huge cost to get it fixed when it does. We do all the needed tasks weekly for proper maintenance. When things are smooth and little is needed we enjoy a profit on all our hard work we’d normally charge thousands for. In the end it works best for you and our company. No sudden huge expenses for you, the peace of mind that a professional is always watching the site and no emergency calls for us requiring us to stop what we’re doing to fix your site causing a huge charge for you.