Things to Think About & Consider Many clients and potential clients we talk to have a shared hosting server for their website. Many also have their domain emails going through and being stored on these servers. This presents a particular challenge when you decide to move to a new website host because your domain is tied to your website and your emails in most cases. Many small and medium sized businesses do not even really know how their email and website servers are set up, they just know they work. There are some great ways to have things set up now days to increase usability of the two together with ease on all devices. In many cases you are being held captive to your hosting company without even knowing it. Many companies like Media Pillars do some things we will never do which effects a clients ability to move to a new server, website management and/or email service. Having Access to Your Data Some key accounts business owners need full access to and administrative rights to are: Domain management account Website server account Google Analytics Google Search Console Any Advertisement Accounts Email Management Accounts Suggestions for Business Domain Emails Move all your domain emails for your business to G-Suites (By Google.) This allows your staff and management to access a number of great tools along side email. Not only that, your email can be used on all devices with multiple options for access such as Gmail, Outlook and many more with a few clicks of the mouse. The great thing about using G-Suites is it does not use up server resources and has a ton of great filter for spam and other categories simply not available on a basic server email server. Also, regardless of server issues or in the case of moving who manages your website your email data stays intact and there will never be a lose in data. For $5.00 a month per email this is your best option, especially because in most cases your company emails are a top priority and generally hold a massive amount of important historical data.