Prioritize Your Online Marketing Strategy in 2020 As we move towards a new year of Internet Marketing Your Small Business in 2020, I wanted to touch on some very important items for marketing your small business online in 2020. We have noticed client after client not focusing on some of the top 3 things they should be which is hurting them without them knowing it. Most under Prioritized Items for Small Business Optimize, analysis and posting on Google Business Social media posts with links directly to your website Update, change and add content to your website consistently Optimize, analysis and posting on Google Business This is the most ignored but yet important item any business can be spending time and resources on. Google Business performance not only affects your website’s ability to rank for keywords it also in most cases is the first place you are discovered by searching users. We have found that 90% of local brick and mortar businesses almost never visit, manage or post in their Google Business profile. HUGE mistake. Google Business also has great analytics that shows how much your being found, what keywords are getting you found and how many people call, get directions or move on to your website from there. Posts you make show up in search results and offer a great way to add calls to actions. Every week you need to look, post and review your statistics, keywords, reviews and business info on Google Business. Social media posts with links directly to your website We’re finding that a HUGE number of small, medium and large companies are falling into a little trap. They hire or have an employee to their social media posts. Most of these posts are links to their distributor’s websites or no links are posted at all. Most posts are not utilizing emojis and/or hashtags. Your social media posts should link to a variety of pages on your website and should include emojis and hashtags which allow your posts to be found, then link to your website. Anything short of this is a waste of your time and resources. NEVER link to your distributor website, links in social media posts that create attention increase your domain social signature which makes it easier for all of your pages to rank better in search results. Why give that social signature to your distributor or anyone other than yourself for that matter. Update, change and add content to your website consistently Google is set up to rank and show results of websites that are current and up to date. A website that has been online for a year or in most cases years with no changes is going to have a hard time ranking for keywords. A constantly changing website shows you put effort into the content of your website and provide recent information and content to your users. It is simple, make new pages, have a blog that you post to regularly and move around, add, edit the content on your main page often.