What do I Do? Small businesses are fighting with everything they have in them to survive the coronavirus epidemic. But, what do they do to keep their business alive when this is all over? There are a number of things business owners fail to put effort into when their business is running at 100%. Their online presence is normally at the bottom of the list of priorities, but this is an opportunity to discover how important your online presence is. Building My Businesses Online Presence Here are the main things you should spend some time working on with the additional time you now have. Main thing normally ignored, but more important than almost all other things – Google BusinessSocial Media – Create, post to and link to your website from social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & others.Investigate and dive into Google Analytics & Google Search Console. If you do not have these, then it is highly recommended you get them integrated so you can look at what exactly is bringing you traffic and how that traffic performs once it arrives to your website.Upgrade & update business website. Does your website represent your business accurately? Does it give users the first impression you want it too?Create content now – you have the time create some videos and pictures if possible to start posting on Google Business and social media. Search engine love videos and pictures. Stay Connected to Your Target Market The most important thing you can do during this time is stay connected to your target market. People are online more than ever while they are stuck at home with nothing to do. Use this opportunity to stay connected via social media with them. They will remember it when times get back to normal. So many business owners are stopping all operations due to the current situation. The ones who continue to produce and publish content will get the most attention and conversions when the dust settles. Do not stop your efforts during this time, instead increase them because few will be doing the same and you can stand out with ease right now. Keep your audience informed, educated and engaged with what your business has to offer them. They will not only acknowledge your efforts during this time but they will remember it when life gets back to normal. Who do you think they are going to contact? The businesses who have shown their commitment and dedication, while others stopped.