How Do I Delete Bad Reviews Many business owners we meet ask us, “How Do I Delete Bad Reviews?” The answer is simple really. You have 2 choices, contact the website the review is on and request it to be deleted and why. Or do nothing and try your best to generate more good reviews driving the bad review down. It’s important to know that 1 bad review on Google can reduce your average rating dramatically. When people search and find your business in Google in many time shows up on the right side of their search browser with all your business info or right on top in mobile devices. That Google average review rating is staring them right in the face. Earlier we mentioned calling the website that has the bad review and asking them to delete it. We want to be very clear on this. It rarely works. Certainly try if you’d like because sometimes it does work. What we’ve found to be more effective and better use of your time is to generate more reviews. You’ll soon conclude like others have that online reviews are very important. Responding to online reviews can increase the likelihood someone will click on, call or come in by over 82%. Many business owners think these reviews aren’t viewed by enough people to justify responding. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Responding to good and bad reviews can increase the revenue you generate considerably and it’s just good business. When people see you took the time to respond to a review it shows your dedication to your business and your customers. People expect there to be some bad reviews so don’t get super freaked out when it happens. Just respond to it accordingly with a professional response. People will appreciate that and overlook the bad review, especially when there’s plenty of other good reviews. Generating Good Reviews You might be asking yourself, “How can I generate reviews?” It’s actually pretty easy and those who are doing are seeing major results from their efforts. You can ask people to leave you reviews. Put stickers up from review sites asking for reviews, or you can use software that sends out text and emails thanking your customers for their business along with a request for a review. For more information on review generation look at a service we provide that offers that. Business Listings & Reviews Management and Generation