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The Perfect Media Pillars Client

Media Pillars does not take every business that requests our services. You may think that’s crazy, but the truth is, some business owners do not fully understand or want to be a part of their online presence. Media Pillars understands the importance of constant communication and using client content to boost their online presence. Without this feedback and content, we know your investment will be in vain.

Involved & Engaged Clients are Successful

This is true regardless of what the business is, and who they hire for any online presence services. Let’s be very clear, if you think you can hire a company to build a website and when their done the leads and/or sales will be pouring in, think again. This is simply not the case in most circumstances. There are times when you can build a sweet website that has clever calls to actions all over it that will convert. The issue initially is traffic, so for instant results you’d need to have a pretty large paid advertising budget. Doable, but in most cases not sustainable.

Passionate About Business Online Presence and Social Media

Our clients must see the importance in utilizing social media. If they do not have social accounts, they must be willing to have us create them and post to them regularly. Like it or not, as a business owner you need to understand the importance of social media. 9 out of 10 people worldwide are on some type of social media. It gives your business the unique tool of having followers. These followers will see and be notified of posts that you make, and that can convert them into website visitors, buyers and/or clients. As your social following grows, the more people see your posts and these posts are free. Why pay for every person who sees the message you want pushed, when you can do it for free. Keep in mind these posts are not and should not be typical marketing type messages. People follow your business for information, entertainment and/or to be notified of special events or sales. Social media also has a significant effect on your websites SEO rankings.

Are Your Customers/Clients First?

We always look at a potential clients reviews. We want to know what their history is with their customers/clients. We have come to the conclusion that a business with multiple unexplained bad reviews is most likely not a good fit to become a Media Pillars client. We seek companies that take their reviews seriously and strive to make changes if there are short comings. Bottom line here, we will not take on a client that we know is not going to treat their customers correctly. Our mission is ALWAYS to do the right thing first, and consider profits second.

must make your customers first

do not waste my time

Time Wasters

We expect our new clients to take their investment seriously and have realistic expectations for us and themselves. We promise, we will not waste your time, we ask you do not waste ours.

Perfect example of the perfect client for online services is:

  1. Understands they have a responsibility to provide content
  2. Create and get that content to Media Pillars in a timely manner
  3. Give constant feedback during the development process to minimize re-work
  4. Provide credentials to needed platforms so we can do our job

Long Term Partnerships

Media Pillars seeks clients for long term partnerships in growing their business and revenue. The results all business owners seek when hiring an agency for anything is increased revenue. We understand that and work hard to deliver that. Business owners with realistic expectations are what we seek. Our successful clients all engage with Media Pillars in making sure we understand their products & services. They keep us informed about upcoming sales, specials and/or events and provide the needed content to push it out. They do this in advance giving us the time needed to do our jobs correctly. Request something important that needs to be done in 1 hour? Sure it’ll get done but not as well as if we’re given the needed time. The clients we seek are well organized and provide the needed time, content and information we need to generate revenue for their business. A pay and go strategy will not work anymore. Let’s strategize together long term which is what ALWAYS produces explosive results.

Long term partnerships

basic understanding

Ready to Hire the BEST?

Basic Online Presence Facts Our Clients Must Understand

  1. You will not be on the first page of Google in a month with a brand new website & domain
  2. Our job is to get traffic to your website and provide the needed calls to action which convert into sales, form fill outs or other goal specific actions. If what you offer sucks, nothing we do is going to make that happen!
  3. The more you pay the faster the results will happen. It takes an enormous amount of time to create long term organic traffic that converts. For us to take the needed time to make these things happen fast, your budget must match our efforts. Equal results can happen with smaller budgets but the time it takes is longer, this must be understood.
  4. If we request something (only you can provide) needed to accomplish a specific task in our strategy, your delay in getting this is can have catastrophic effects on our efforts. Protect your investment by getting us what we need in a timely manner.
  5. If in the middle of your web development or other project you stop responding (30 days+) to us completely, we will abandon your project and there will be no refund. We will not pick up where we left off a year later because you lost interest.
  6. If you enter into an agreement with us (we do not do contracts) verbally to the prices and services, but later fail to pay your monthly services invoice, we will turn off the services provided. Simply put, if you pay for website hosting and business email services, but fail to pay your invoice, the website and email services will be turned off until payment is made.
  7. Third party software sometimes have price increases, these prices increases will be carried over to you if and when they occur, so do not be of the thought that your current monthly price will be the same forever, there are not a lot of increases but over the course of years, these increases should be expected. All increases will be justified and transparent.