Internet Marketing for Small Businesses in New York

Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Small Businesses Internet Marketing in New York Guide

Internet marketing for small businesses in New York has grown increasingly overwhelming. There are more tools, guides, strategies and conflicting opinions then ever before. It used to be as simple as putting an ad in the paper and making sure you were in the phone book. Those days are long gone folks.

The key in successfully marketing your small business in New York now days is to not get overwhelmed and focus on getting the basic, the foundation in place correctly. It is always a shame when we see people spending a ton of money in paid advertising, when it simply is not needed. A strong long term strategy will bring you success and growth faster and cheaper than any paid advertising campaign.

Small Business Internet Marketing in New York Foundation

  1. Manage your Google Business account & post weekly with calls to action to call or linking to one of your website pages.
  2. Have a fast loading responsive business website which loads correctly on all devices and browsers.
  3. Make sure your business website is integrated with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. (For tracking & stats)
  4. Create and post on social media business pages every day! Link to your website pages regularly. (Engaging posts) Choose 3 platforms to start.
  5. Have your social media icons linking from your website footer.
  6. Use video and HD photos on website and social posts.

Things to Start on After Your Foundation is Set

  1. What is your competition doing for their internet marketing? (Is it working?) Find out how easy it is to find them on Google.
  2. Research competition social media accounts (Find on their website)
  3. Realize your largest hurtle to overcome is doing everything better than your competition. (Get found easier than them)
  4. Create quality content for your website and social posts.
  5. Have calls to action on multiple pages of your website.
  6. Create GEO targeted landing pages on your website.
  7. Optimize Google Business – Use keywords, add service/products.
  8. Make getting Google reviews a BIG priority.
  9. Capture data for incoming forms, contacts and sales.
  10. Email campaigns to digital database of contacts.

Most Underutilized Internet Marketing Tool is Google Business

Google Business is and should be your best friend. As a small business owner or manager this is the most important tool you have to focus on aside from the business website. Bottom line, Google Business managed correctly will alone dramatically increase website visits, calls and customers finding and coming to your location. If you are not getting found here, then this needs to be your first and highest priority.