HubSpot Integration Recommended

Hub Spot Integration Recommended
Hub Spot Integration Recommended

HubSpot integration recommended for small to medium sized businesses because it’s easy and free. That’s right Hub Spot CRM is free and integrates into Gmail. You can store unlimited amount of digital customers for free. We have started using Hub Spot and found it easy to use, great support and saves time and money when contacting customers. Within the CRM you’ll have contacts and their businesses if that applies. You are able to keep track of all communications with the people and companies in your data base. It  keeps a running sequence of events within that persons profile. Look at everything in the proper sequence of events to include tasks, scheduled visits, purchases, calls and email traffic.

What is Hub Spot?

As you can see Hub Spot has really changed the game by offering solutions that really work in this day and age. Face it the days of putting an ad in the paper or relying totally on a yellow page ad are over. Consumers now days go looking for what they need or want to purchase. The internet as provided them resources never before available. If you need a part for your sink, you simply grab your phone and ask Google where you can find your sink part. Your phone or computer displays the places you should try contacting for that part. Now if your a plumbing supply company and your not showing up in those results, well you have a problem.

Inbound Marketing – Is It Right for My Business?

If you have been spending time and money advertising in newspapers, yellow pages, road side banners or even online with social media and paid spots around the internet then hub Spot is right for you. Your return on investment will dramatically increase and you’ll be amazed on how organized your business will become as well. It’s not just about getting new customers or upselling your current customers. It’s about organization and automation that allows you to spend more time on your actual business rather then trying to always get new customers. That’s why we say, “HubSpot Integration Recommended.”