Getting your business found online in 2020

Getting your business found online in 2020

Best Practices for Getting Found Online in 2020

This is right to the point with not a whole bunch of words to fill the page. It’s simple and proven with statistical data. Here is the key to massively increasing the traffic to your website and Google Business page. The 2 top performers online for generating new customers, clients and conversions.

  1. Optimize your Google Business page. Use very detailed info in all areas and ensure this info/text matches what you have on your website. This is the most under utilized free tool available and generates massive results simply because most of your competition is not doing it, resulting in you being found first. Make Google Business posts no less than once a week, the more the better.
  2. If you are not using WordPress for your website I’d recommend getting it moved to WordPress as soon as possible. WordPress is set up to easily optimize your website for search engines, it’s reliable, editable and has the ability to do just about anything you want your website to do. Create, edit, add and customize your website regularly resulting in increased keyword rankings. Bottom line here, ensure you are running WordPress for your website or you will be losing to your competition no matter what you do.
  3. Website footer – make sure your website footer has your business name, address, phone, email and hours which match Google Business to the letter. This is very important as Google looks for this and if it is not there, well you get a ding.
  4. Build your social media platforms followers. Regardless of what you may think, the businesses building and nurturing their social platforms are experiencing far better revenue than those who are not. Do not just market and sell, tell stories, entertain and create engagement. A social icon in an email campaign performs better than any other link within the email. The time, effort and resources to build your social following is well worth it, do not wait any longer, get to work on this as soon as possible.
  5. Reviews management is another important aspect to your online presence that many are failing at. Responding to every review on every platform should be of the highest priorities to your business. When people find reviews on you and see responses it shows them you care what these reviews say and builds confidence. Reviews are hard to come by so take the few minutes it takes to respond, you will see an increase in business by doing this alone.
  6. Use authentic photos and videos taken with a cell phone that has GPS turned on. This GEO tags the content showing search engines its exclusive content which help the page, keywords and content itself rank better. This is one of those things few take the time to do in general. Using photos and videos on your social media and mirroring that content within your website is what will set you apart from the rest. Do it and enjoy the benefits. All photos and videos should be posted on your social media platforms, Google Business posts and galleries as well as on your website. Doing this alone we’ve seen in some cases over 1000% increase in online visibility.
  7. Acting as a customer to find your business is important. Once a week get on Google or your favorite search engine and search like you were a customer, are you showing up? Click the link to make sure its not being redirected by hacks. Always know what your potential customers or clients are going to find when they search for you or your reviews. Then take the needed actions to make sure it represents you accurately.

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That’s it! Simple and to the point. These items are exactly what we do for our clients. Don’t have time or the resources to accomplish these high priority tasks