Superior Co-Op HVAC


Recently we took on another Veteran owned business Superior Co-Op HVAC. This company is leading the pack in educating people on the financial benefits of using clean renewable energy to heat and cool their home.

Many business owners do not have the time to take advantage of all the tools available to them. This is a perfect example. New York State and his distributor both offer thousands in co-op money. As you might imagine just figuring out how to get your hands on this money takes a lot of time and researching.

Media Pillars did the leg work for them and has developed relationships with both the state and his distributor. In fact, we learned that he can use both co-ops for the same advertising campaigns. So he will actually make money while enjoying the benefits of thousands of dollars in advertising.

27.34% Increase in sessions

34.12% Increase in number of users

19.04% Increase in new users

5.21% Decrease in bounce rate

Organic Search Results

Being number 1 in the Google local 3 pack and in organic search results doubles your chances of being found for what you offer. This shows that our local SEO efforts are working perfectly. Anyone in his town and surrounding area searching for HVAC is going to see him at the top of the local 3 pack and the top of the organic results.

  • Double your exposure with local SEO
  • No paid advertising needed in his town
  • Dominate your market with saturation
  • Your competition really does not have a chance

Keyword Ranking

Ranking in specific keywords generates traffic to specific pages that best sell the product or service you offer and the user is looking for. When your specific product or service pages can be ranked and get traffic directly to them it increases the chances of converting those users into customer.

  • increases chances of converting your visitors
  • Calls to action on your product and service pages
  • Capture user data for future marketing efforts
  • Online Reputation Management

Google Adwords Results

Using pages from your website that have the best ranking and conversion data is key in getting the most out of your paid advertising.

  • Reduce cost per click cost
  • Get more for your money
  • Data driven research that increases ROI
  • Drive traffic to what you know converts the best

Social Media Marketing

Utilize social media to build your brand and your followers. Providing information and entertainment on social media is a fast-growing trend. Advertising has changed, tell your story and entertain your users and your sales will grow.

  • Building an audience is worth your time
  • Target your audience with content they enjoy
  • Increase reviews and social engagement about your business
  • Loyalty to a story works