Five Star Golf Cars


We do full online presence management for Five Star Golf Cars & Utility Vehicles which have 4 locations in New England and Upstate NY. This includes their website from the ground up, social media management, reviews, SEO and inbound marketing. There is a lot that goes into doing those things successfully but we are loving this market and have seen huge success in our efforts which show in statistics.

Golf car or other types of products that require a listing website is much different than your average informational website. Also, golf cars in much of the Country is a seasonal market which can be challenging. We need to make sure that when the season is on the website, SEO, Google and social media are all running perfectly to bring in traffic and potential customers.

Converting that traffic into leads their sales reps can contact and sell is crucial and capturing their customer contact info is too. Capturing customer and potential customer data for ongoing marketing not only saves a huge amount of money in advertising it also increases sales now and in the future. Many of the most important statistics for this client have increased well over 100%.

136.34% Increase in sessions

145.12% Increase in number of users

109.18% Increase in page views

2.62% Decrease in bounce rate

Organic Search Results

Not only has rankings increased dramatically but the number of keywords ranking has increased dramatically. When your business is ranking well for multiple keywords and generating traffic you save money in advertising and your ROI skyrockets.

  • Show up in the Google local 3 pack
  • Beat your competition on Google
  • Get found when people search for what you offer
  • increased reviews that lead to more conversions

Keyword Ranking

Making sure your website shows in results on Google is important, but making sure your Google Business shows up in the local 3 pack is even more important. Things are not as simple as they used to be. Having people who understand how to get your business found online is essential in your continued success online.

  • Saturate your market or your competition will
  • be first with great reviews EVERYWHERE
  • Social media improves your entire online presence
  • To be #1 you have to do what others don't

Google Adwords Results

Save money on PPC campaigns by using highly ranked keywords. Most people do not understand that a website with a great reputation and keywords that are ranking well actually get lower rates in PPC advertising. The truth is we set out to make sure your ranking so well and getting found so much that paid advertising is not something you will need.

  • Increased organic traffic
  • Save money on Google Adword advertising
  • Low but effective cost per click
  • Competition will need to use PPC to beat you in organic traffic

Google Business

This is the most underestimated resource and we understand how to make it work for you. Think about this, the most effective way to get high quality leads to your website and business is free. Using your Google Business is more important than almost anything else and it will generate you tons of money when set up and utilized correctly.

  • Get found on cell phones locally
  • Search, find, call in 1 step
  • Reports and data on Google Business performance
  • Utilizing the most powerful tool available