Business Listings & Reviews Management and Monitoring

Business Listings & Reviews Management and Monitoring

Our business listings and reviews management and monitoring service covers all the most popular websites. We will put your business across this entire network and assure your information is correct and the same across all websites and apps. Your reviews will be monitored and you’ll instantly receive a notification of all reviews allowing you to simply click a link to reply. Not only that you can post regular deals, coupons, photos and even videos across the entire network generating great traffic to your business.

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Having your business and website across this network of high quality websites gives your business a huge SEO boost and will absolutely increase your findability for current and new customers. Worth it’s weight in gold folks. Do a scan now and see how your business currently looks across this network. SCAN YOUR BUSINESS

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Track reviews

To manage online reviews of your business, you need to know when and where they appear. Luckily, free services exist that will track and report them for you.

Many review sites (e.g. Yelp, Product Review, TripAdvisor) can send a notification each time you’re reviewed, provided you ‘join’ the site. If you want to search more broadly, Google Alerts will report mentions of your business (or any other term that you request) in web pages, blogs, videos and discussions. Twitter Search allows you to search Twitter for any term.