Basics of Business Internet Presence

Basics of Business Internet Presence


Your website is your business online. It gives all the information and calls to actions you’d give if you were right in front of them. It’s important that it looks good, loads fast and is displayed properly on every device available.

A businesses website is where they lead all their traffic to in order to capture new and current customers. Making all the information a potential customer or client would want is very important. Websites in many cases are the first introduction someone will have to your business so it has to be done right.

If you spend money on marketing and your website doesn’t look good, navigate good or load fast you’ll likely lose that potential customer so spending money on any marketing when your website has not been addressed is a waste of your time and money. Address your website 1st in ALL cases.

Business Profiles

Business profiles are for example Google Business page. They’re pages on websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others that display local business profiles making it easy for people to find what they need in their local area. They’re sometimes review sites/apps as well.

Business profiles being exactly the same and giving accurate information about your business is important. Imagine your Google Business page said your closed permanently. Any time someone found it on Google they’d decide not to go there because the business profile said you were closed. Much of the business people get now days starts from business profile pages so they are super important.

Google checks local business profiles for accuracy and consistency and assigns your business a quality score. If that score is lower than your competition then guess what, they get shown first. Having your business profiles correct across the internet is the largest mistake business owners now days make. Without a good website and your business profiles being correct no other success can occur without massive expense. These 2 things are your online foundation.

Business profiles include all social media efforts as well.


Now that you have a good website and your business profiles are all correct your website is going to start getting traffic and your business is going to increase. increased business usually generates reviews. Reviews are something business owners tend to ignore just because they don’t know how to utilize, control or mange them to their advantage.

When someone Googles your reviews you want your website to show up first along with your business profiles. This can be accomplished with some effort but requires an expert like we have here at Media Pillars. Generally when someone search your reviews they see review sites and apps show up first which are those business profiles we talked about earlier. That’s good but it’s better if your website comes up first with the page we’ll build for your reviews on your website.

Getting notified of reviews instantly along with a link to go respond is an under utilized task business owners fail at but its noticed by your customers. Good or bad reviews that have professional responses generate more new customer engagements than you can imagine so its key to your success. Google your business name followed by the word “reviews” now. Does Google display what you’d like it to? Probably not. Now Google Media Pillars reviews. See the difference?


Now that your business profiles are correct, your reviews are managed and your websites is closing the traffic it’s receiving you can begin working on SEO. SEO short for search engine optimization is tweaking all the things you’ve worked so hard on this far. It’s getting key words and phrases put into the text of your website and business profiles.

SEO will include getting your website link put on other websites, editing photo and video titles and descriptions along with reducing the file sizes of everything on your website so it loads as fast as possible. Website maps are behind the screens pages that gives Google a road map of your website making it easier and faster to check out. These are just a few of the things included in SEO.

Everything you’ve done up to this point are all forms of SEO because their the foundations of SEO. You can’t have a website that is crap, business profiles that are all wrong and jump straight to SEO because it just doesn’t work that way. You MUST build your foundation so when you get to SEO your resources and time get you the largest pay back as possible.

Proper SEO strategies require in debt researching of how your website has been performing by the use of Google Analytics. The historical data you’ll have by now in Analytics allows us to see what pages are working best, where traffic is going from and who has converted into customers. Then we know where to focus our efforts and maximize the return on your investment.

Let Media Pillars Handle All This

It takes years to learn how all this works. Let us get it done for you fast!

Have Media Pillars take care of all 4 of these basics for you. We’re fast and will get the foundations of your online presence built and running smooth quickly. We provide all our customers with detailed data/statistics to show results. You’ll also have full access to all backend management software so you can watch the results as they happen.

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