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Traditional Marketing Vs 2017 Marketing

Traditional Marketing Vs 2017 Marketing

Traditional Marketing Vs 2017 Marketing is probably the largest gap in history. The changes in how small and medium sized business market their business today is massively different than the past few decades. It used to be enough to get yourself in the phone book in as many different markets as you could afford. You could also put an ad in the paper or put up a nice sign. Those days are long gone for your competition and soon for you as well. You may not know it or accept it yet but it’s the truth.

Traditional Marketing Vs 2017 Marketing

Traditional Marketing Vs 2017 Marketing

Now days people get online and do their research and find who they want to do business with. They don’y make their decisions like in the past spur of the moment because a salesmen is in front of them. Research shows that most people go online and find who their going to do business with. They generally make up their mind before they even contact you or walk into your store. Reviews, articles and customer feedback drives purchases in 2017, not marketing.

Because of this shift in how people buy businesses need to change how they market. I’m not saying don’t do marketing. I’m saying how you do marketing has to change ALLOT! This post for example is a new type of marketing. We write a helpful post that informs and educates our readers. The information we put out is helpful and gives valuable tips and knowledge that allows business owners to improve their business. In return people keep coming back for more helpful information because they know they’ll find it and it will make a difference. Now, when the time comes that a long time reader determines they need a service we provide, who do you think they’re going to contact? Thats right, Media Pillars.

New Marketing Tools are Cheaper & More Effective

Times are changing and you better keep up with the new tools, tips and tricks or you’ll be left behind. Keep in mind that the new tools available are cheaper and more effective, so get excited. There’s a ton of growth available to your business you just don’t know it yet.

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